The quality material for many gasket applications

KLINGERgraphite foil is available in different variants. As rolles 1m in width and max. 90m lenght it is described as KLINGERgraphite foil H. Through its self-adhesive coating, KLINGERgraphite foil SMB can increase assembly safety in the event of assembly problems occuring during certain applications.

Base: KLINGERgraphite sheets HL are non-reinforced gasket sheets in thicknesses that can no longer be delivered as rolls.

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KLINGER®graphit-Laminat SLS

The pure graphite gasket with smooth sheet metal insert.

KLINGERgraphite laminate SLS consists of expanded layers of graphite, wich are stuck to a 0.05mm thin smooth sheet metal foil made of 1.4401. The adhesive layer is applied via a precisely controlled process, wich makes it possible to keep the amount of adhesive below 1% of the amount of graphite in order to ensure uniform distribution of the adhesive.

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KLINGER®graphit-Laminat PSM

The pure graphite gasket with rough sheet metal insert

KLINGERgraphite laminate PSM consists of a 0.10mm thick rough sheet metal foil of stainless steel 1.4401, on both sides of wich a KLINGERgraphite foil is rolled on without adhesive. The result of this is particularly high stability under load.

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KLINGER®graphit-Laminat PDM

The more highly compressed pure graphite gasket with two rough sheet metal inserts.

Three convincing advantages, wich results from the 30% higher compression with KLINGERgraphite laminate PDM: 1. High stability through two rough sheet metal inserts 2. Optimal handling 3. Clearly increased safety

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KLINGER®graphit-Laminat TSM

The new gasket material KLINGERgraphite-laminate TSM fulfills safely the TA-Luft requirements.

Due to a better restistance against oxidation it offers additionally a higher safety than usual graphite materials. Actually it is available in the thicknesses of 1.0mm, 1.5mm, 2.0mm and 3.0mm. Please find more details in our leaflet.

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KLINGER®graphit Dichtungsband

KLINGERgraphite gasket tape consists of pure graphite, the layer composition of wich has been expanded via a special process. As a result, the material is pliant and adapts itself perfectly to the unevenness of a sealing point

Types: KLINGER gasket tape, corrugated Universal packaging for pumps and fittings. KLINGER gasket tape, corrugated, self-adhesive Material for sealing large flanges and sealing surfaces.

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